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[texts]The Strand Magazine: An Illustrated Monthly - George Newnes (Editor)
This is a collection of the bound editions of 'The Strand Magazine: An Illustrated Monthly', from it's first issue (January) 1891-1922 (December), all having been published before 1923 and thus in the public domain in the United States of America, and many other countries. Each bound volume has 6 issues, starting from Jan-June, and then July-Dec of each year. This collection goes from issue number 1-384 in a the first 64 bound volumes of the magazine, which is slightly more then half of all the ...
Keywords: Strand Magazine; Sherlock Holmes; Wells; Doyle
Downloads: 12,156 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[texts]73 Magazine (January 1988)
73 Magazine January 1988 (#328) Welcome, Newcomers! - Let's talk about it! ...... KA1HY 4 Working the World Fast - Heed this advice and you can't miss ...... N6HYK 11 W87PAX: DXing from the Pan American Games - A record-breaking success ...... KA9OIH 14 Troubleshooting Tricks #1 - The road to repair is easier than you think ...... Harshbarger 26 The Colvins - DXing is the life for Lloyd and Iris ........
Keywords: amateur; mhz; radio; frequency; antenna; ssb; island; net; ham; amateur radio; mhz daily; feedback card; ham radio; power supply; antenna tuner; top mounted; toll free
Downloads: 2,241
[texts]73 Magazine (February 1985)
73 Magazine February 1985 (#293) VIC RTTY Resource - Is your VIC-20 ready for RTTY? Make it happen with N5ALE's foolproof software! ...... N5ALE 12 Satellite Supremacy - Sometimes 15 Watts just doesn't cut it with OSCAR 10. The solution? Use W2GEF's 60-Watt uplink amp-stripline construction makes building it a snap! ...... W2GEF 18 CB to Six - Why stop at 10 meters? KB5LF's Hy-Gain conversion will take you to VHF just as easily ........
Keywords: antenna; mhz; amateur; frequency; radio; ihe; receiver; ham; amateur radio; transmitter; power supply; utc february; smart patch; turn control; ham radio; private patch; signal generator
Downloads: 1,991
[texts]73 Magazine (October 1979)
73 Magazine October 1979 (#229) Extremely Low Frequency Radiation: Cause for Worry? - studies on ELF are inconclusive, but the battle is joined ...... WB2NEL 34 An LED Display for the HW-2036 - eliminates unwieldy thumbwheel switches ...... WA4BZP 36 It's a Wattmeter... It's an Swr Bridge.. It's Swattmeter! - a super home-brew project ...... K4LBY 42 The Double-Sawbuck QRM Annihilator - 3-IC circuit yields perfect CW ........
Keywords: mhz; frequency; antenna; output; power; radio; amateur; audio; meter; amateur radio; power supply; ham radio; versa tuner; toll free; front panel; terminal strip; extra class; circuit board; radio rebelde
Downloads: 4,317
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1976)
73 Magazine December 1976 (#194) Go Tone for Ten - simple subaudible encoder ...... WB6GON 22 World's Simplest Five-Band Receiver? - using an AM transistor radio ...... K3QKO 28 How Do You Use ICs? - part IV ...... WA2SUT/NNN0ZVB 36 Hamming 101 - another Cabrillo College pioneering program ...... Inman 40 A Super Cheapo CW IDer - for FM repeaters and RTTY ...... K4EEU 46 The ZF Special Antenna - double-D "beam" ........
Keywords: mhz; frequency; power; radio; amateur; antenna; output; kit; meter; circuit; amateur radio; power supply; front panel; radio officer; factory wired; residents add; ham radio; circuit board; toll free; radio amateur
Downloads: 4,124
[texts]73 Magazine (March 1982)
73 Magazine March 1982 (#258) The Porta-Peater The Instant Communicator - quick and easy does it ...... WA2BHB, AC2A, WA2UNN 12 Amateur Television's Stripper - a home-brew star ...... VE3CYC 20 Polishing Kenwood's R-1000 - a gem in the rough ...... K9EUI 34 Peaking and Tweaking Surplus CB Boards - the untold story ...... WB0NPN/8 38 OSCAR Pathfinder - a colorful way to track the satellites ...... WB6NQK 46 Which TVRO Antenna Is Best? - Satellite Central, Part IV ........
Keywords: antenna; amateur; mhz; frequency; radio; power; audio; khz; receiver; amateur radio; power supply; toll free; power output; residents add; hewlett packard; front panel; call toll; frequency range
Downloads: 3,430
[texts]Radio Electronics (September 1992)

Keywords: free; cable; electronics; digital; power; kit; antenna; mhz; power supply; call call; toll free; free catalog; vfx processor; power supplies; time delay; apex angle; switching power; supply voltage
Downloads: 2,807
[texts]Popular Mechanics Complete Car Care Manual

Keywords: Popular Mechanics; Magazines; Science and technology
Downloads: 1,871
[texts]73 Magazine (July 1980)
73 Magazine July 1980 (#238) The Rites of Spring - Dayton does it again ...... N1AUI, WB8BTH, KA1HY 30 One Step at a Time: Designing Your Own Ham Gear - part II ...... W4RNL 36 Top-Banding the DX-60B - put a classic rig on a classic band ...... WB1ASL 44 Forward into the Past! - a solid-state restoration project for a vintage BC receiver ...... W5JJ 48 ADDSCAN - now you can be two places at once ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; mhz; frequency; power; ham; antenna; signal; magazine; amateur radio; power supply; radio club; flea market; ham radio; toll free; front panel; mode switch; signal enforcer; locked loop
Downloads: 3,780
[texts]73 Magazine (September 1982)
73 Magazine September 1982 (#264) Micro Modem - a RTTY TU designed for computers ...... WA4CKQ 10 F1 for the Hot Water 101 -all the way with FSK! ...... K0JH 20 No-Frills RTTY - $2OO and you're on the air ...... WA4STO 24 Incredibly Simple RTTY - receive it on your TRS-40 ...... WQXI 28 The RTTY/Tri-bander Marriage - enjoy the 100% duty cycle ...... K0ARC 32 Confessions of a Counter Evolutionary - part II ........
Keywords: output; antenna; mhz; rtty; amateur; input; frequency; radio; magazine; power; amateur radio; power supply; toll free; flea market; gmt september; weather satellite; radio club; ham radio; residents add; qso party
Downloads: 4,139
[texts]73 Magazine (November 1981)
73 Magazine November 1981 (#254) The Satellite TV Challenge - 73 magazine's answer ...... N8RK 14 Space Spinoffs for Amateur Radio - the makings of a communications revolution ...... WA1DCP, W2IKQ 18 How Big A Dish? - Satellite central, part 1 ...... Gibson 20 Satellite Channel Guide - Part 1 ...... WESTSAT 24 Satellite TV Receivers - is there a better way? ...... K4TWJ 26 Spread Spectrum - a report from AMRAD ........
Keywords: antenna; frequency; amateur; mhz; radio; magazine; power; receiver; output; signal; amateur radio; power supply; hewlett packard; packard hewlett; toll free; ham radio; directional coupler; call toll; radio rsa; front panel
Downloads: 2,426
[texts]73 Magazine (July 1975)
73 Magazine July 1975 (#178) Rare DX via Oscar? ...... W1FTX 18 Antennas for Oscar - What Really Works? ...... W3HUC 25 An Oscar Preamp that Works Wonders ...... W3TMZ 31 Shoot Oscar with a Satellabe ...... K2ZRO 33 Oscar - A Certificate Hunter's Paradise ...... K2QBW 47 Where's Oscar? ...... W3HUC 51 Oscar RTTY Converter ...... K9PVW, K9HUI 53 How You Can Take Oscar's Temperature ...... W3HUC 57 Really Zap Oscar with this Helical ........
Keywords: antenna; mhz; satellite; oscar; frequency; output; amateur; meter; power; july; power supply; amateur radio; residents add; reference orbit; ham radio; eqx time; teco price; qsl cards; output voltage; meter resonator
Downloads: 2,459
[texts]73 Magazine (June 1995)
73 Magazine June 1995 (#417) The N4UAU Super CW Station - This li'l gizmo does it all! ...... N4UAU 10 Collinear 5/8 - Wave Omni Antenna for 2 Meters - Commercial antenna performance at a home-brew price! ...... WD0O 18 Battery Monitor and Charge Controller - Check the voltage and keep the battery charged ...... K4GOK 32 An Inexpensive Morse Code Keyer - Build your own for under 10 bucks ...... N2YMW 36 Measuring the Antenna from the Shack - The half-wave length feedline and how to get it ........
Keywords: antenna; amateur; radio; mhz; ihe; meter; ham; tuner; power; frequency; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; field day; antenna tuner; feedback card; power supply; morse code
Downloads: 3,081
[texts]The Penny Magazine of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge - Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge
This is a collection of all the bound volumes of 'The Penny Magazine of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge' it was a weekly publication that lasted from 1832-1945. At the end of each year the issues were bound together to form a book, one book for each year. Besides these books the 'Society' also published a 27 volume encyclopedia for general readers called the 'Penny Cyclopaedia of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge', a two volume Supplement was released shortly af...
Keywords: Penny Magazine; Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge; Illustrated; News; Articles; Wood engravings; Art; Science; Historical; Figures; Places; Archeological; Politics; England; London; United Kingdom; Whig
Downloads: 4,115
[texts]73 Magazine (March 1980)
73 Magazine March 1980 (#234) Good-Bye to Autopatch Hassles - low-cost remedies to common problems ...... WB2LEI/4 30 Baudot-ASCII Converter Follow-Up - add a FIFO buffer for typing ease ...... VE4YD, VE4CM 34 CB to 10 - part XXII: more talk power for the TRC-11 ...... N4APN 38 The L With It - an alternative to the variable inductor ...... K4KI 40 Future Rig and Rigamarole - are you ready for faster-than-light propagation? ........
Keywords: amateur; radio; mhz; antenna; power; frequency; output; march; meter; amateur radio; power supply; ham radio; field day; toll free; front panel; master charge; trap vertical; radio shack
Downloads: 3,522
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1995)
73 Magazine December 1995 (#423) A Portable Integrated 20 Meter SSB/CW QRP Ham Radio Station - A ten pound powerhouse ...... KB4ZGC 10 Nostalgia For The Future - High performance crystal radio utilizes a high-efficiency JFET detector and dual resonant circuits for superior performance ...... KC3ZQ 14 A Perspirational Message ...... W2NSD/1 17 Jan Mayen - A Special DXCC Country ...... AJ0N/LA6US 18 Key It! ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; ham; repeater; power; mhz; ihe; hams; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; feedback card; power supply; antenna tuner; call sign; jan mayen
Downloads: 2,871
[texts]73 Magazine (September 1986)
73 Magazine September 1986 (#312) A Rotatable What? - How to spin 90 feet of crank-up tower on a lazy susan ...... WA2VUN 28 HF Antennas: All Bands, All Wire - Another round in the crusade against coax—these three 9-band doublets contain no artificial ingredients ...... W0VM 32 Watts My Line - Coax, parallel feeders, or microstrip, this Basic program lets you design your own custom transmission line ........
Keywords: antenna; amateur; radio; antennas; print; ham; frequency; mhz; amateur radio; voltage; packet radio; battery voltage; print print; print input; antenna tuner; antenna system; ham radio; power supply; front panel
Downloads: 2,188
[texts]73 Magazine (March 2001)
73 Magazine March 2001 (#484) Way Cool Rocket Project: Part 2 - This 70cm rocketborne radio telemetry system is strictly for kids -Not! ...... N4XVF 10 Build Yourself an NVIS - If you want to talk to the guy in the next county on HF, of course ...... VE2EQL 18 Inside Digital TV/VCR Tuners - Part 7: Conclusion ...... W6WTU 19 Build This Variable AC Bench Supply - If you can find a Variac transformer, that is ........
Keywords: radio; antenna; amateur; ham; qrp; transmitter; kit; mhz; receiver; amateur radio; radio today; web site; ham radio; nose cone; elevation bearing; matching case; high power; bearing box; radio shack
Downloads: 2,674
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1999)
73 Magazine December 1999 (#470) The X(Mas)-Files ...... Staff 6 Big-Time Bench Supply - This highly regulated SCR design might be overkill, but it's still fun to build ...... Sellen 10 Secret Death Ray - Or is HAARP a useful science tool? ...... N7MGT 14 TV Tutor - How to get started in SSTV ...... ZL1AAN 22 Why Not Renew On-line? - Here's how to untangle the FCC Web ...... AC3L 24 Read All About It! - Part 1 of Techno-Trivia from The Hertzian Herald ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; mfj; voltage; ham; mhz; power; frequency; amateur radio; radio today; mfj mfj; ham radio; power supply; morse code; heavy duty; web site; digital port; transmission lines
Downloads: 6,737
[texts]Radio Electronics (October 1981)

Keywords: computer; electronics; pin; frequency; data; disk; electronic; kit; mhz; free; power supply; floppy disk; dual trace; personal computer; toll free; print head; list price; disk controller; workbench guide; radio shack
Downloads: 1,080
[texts]73 Magazine (June 1983)
73 Magazine June 1983 (#273) D'Arsonval Dossier - How these meters work and how to make them work for you is no mystery. Discover the inner machinations of the D'Arsonval movement for yourself ...... W1OLP 20 Save Money on Used Meters - Does it work or doesn't it? This simple tester spots real hamfest bargains ...... W3QOM 19 Live, From Across America-It's Field Day! - The Corpus Christi Amateur Radio Club had helicopter TV coverage of its activities...
Keywords: meter; amateur; mhz; radio; antenna; magazine; ham; tor; frequency; ihe; amateur radio; radio club; toll free; power supply; ham radio; morse code; full scale; money order; wayne green; qsl cards
Downloads: 1,915
[texts]73 Magazine (November 1992)
73 Magazine November 1992 (#386) The QRP 80/40 CW Sender - QRP power and QRP cost ...... G2BZQ 8 The Noise Remover - A simple, effective way to get rid of the static ...... K8MKB 12 An All-Band HF Mobile Antenna - Efficient and inexpensive ...... KC4TMT 18 Spread Spectrum Primer - What is spread spectrum, anyway? ...... KC6YJY 29 The JRL-2000 HF MOSFET Linear Amplifier - A solid-state, no-tune kilowatt with very advanced features ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; ihe; antenna; mhz; repeater; ham; frequency; spectrum; amateur radio; spread spectrum; radio today; feedback card; ham radio; power supply; field strength; packet radio
Downloads: 2,427
[texts]73 Magazine (July 1981)
73 Magazine July 1981 (#250) Dayton Dilemma '81 - which new gear do you buy? ...... KA1LR 22 The Fun-Ceiver - easy-to-build companion to February's QRP Fun-Mitter ...... WA0RBR 32 Review: The Kenwood TS-130s - a good rig done better ...... KA1LR 38 Review: The NCG-15 SSB/CW Monoband Transceiver - moving tale of mobile hamming ...... KA1LR 42 The Incredible Shrinking Antenna - give your vertical a top hat ........
Keywords: radio; antenna; amateur; mhz; frequency; magazine; power; receiver; meter; amateur radio; power supply; toll free; front panel; radio club; ccd antenna; ham radio; radio shack; frequency range; call toll
Downloads: 3,222
[texts]73 Magazine (October 1992)
73 Magazine October 1992 (#385) Packet on the Mac - Connect with the world without a TNC ...... KD6CMT 8 A 2 Meter FET Amplifier for Your Handheld - Build this simple, inexpensive amplifier ...... AA4AW 20 A New Look at Loop Antennas - Adding regeneration to ferrite-core and open-wire box loops ...... W2IMB 28 Baby Loopy - A half-wave, inductively-loaded loop ...... NH6XK 34 Noise Reduction Using Broadband Active Whip Antennas - Clear reception for the VLF/LF bands ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; mhz; ihe; packet; ham; power; meter; amateur radio; radio today; feedback card; packet radio; ham radio; power supply; circuit board; serial port
Downloads: 3,143
[texts]73 Magazine (February 1989)
73 Magazine February 1989 (#341) Getting High On Packet - World-wide packet? Here's how on HF ...... WB6RQN 50 One-Stage 80-Meter CW Transceiver - Enjoy the thrill of rolllng your own rig ...... WB3ELL 28 TCM 3105 Modem For The Digicom > 64 - Plug in to 1200 baud packet ...... N4PLK, KJ4GP, W4KUM, WD4PVS 42 Simple CW IDer - Useful for repeater ID and unattended fox ...... WN0EHE 54 Kenwood TS-940S - First-class full-featured HF rig ........
Keywords: radio; antenna; amateur; mhz; frequency; meter; ham; audio; amateur radio; feedback card; radio shack; power supply; packet radio; front panel; antenna tuner; ham radio
Downloads: 2,220
[texts]Vita in campagna Supplemento - Potatura Piante da giardino

Keywords: Magazines; Riviste; Farming; Agricoltura; Orticoltura; Giardinaggio
Downloads: 2,928
[texts]73 Magazine (December 2002)
73 Magazine December 2002 (#505) Commercial-Quality Function Generator - Will you outlive it -or vice versa? ...... K8IHO 10 Shedding Some Light on Dimmers - Why not put one of these triacs to use? ...... W2GOM/7 22 Eager for Meager - Try an 11m vertical on 160 ...... AD1B 24 Shack Switch for Foot Fetishists - Not that it's That kinky ...... WA2OKZ 27 Ashore at Sacrifice Rock! - The saga of a masterful DXpedition ........
Keywords: radio; frequency; amateur; antenna; mhz; ihe; thai; cap; december; amateur radio; radio today; web site; time base; radio book; book shop; ham radio; power supply; cal res; three boats
Downloads: 9,110 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]73 Magazine (February 1995)
73 Magazine February 1995 (#413) Dual Bi-Square Loop for HF - Try this easy, low-cost approach on 20 and 2 meters ...... K5DKZ 18 Reading Morse Code on Your PC - Decipher Morse code right off the air, or improve your own fist ...... W6PRO 22 Cheap Dual-Band Yagi - A fine VHF/UHF beam made from old TV antennas ...... KA0NAN 46 Grounding and Lightning Protection, Part 1 - Protect your shack and yourself from lightning ........
Keywords: radio; antenna; amateur; mhz; frequency; ham; meter; antennas; power; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; feedback card; morse code; output power; matching case; aluminum tubing
Downloads: 2,176
[texts]73 Magazine (October 1977)
73 Magazine October 1977 (#205) Communicate On 10.25 GHz - with a simple transceiver ...... WA3ETD 26 Home Brew Tilt-Over - the water pipe special ...... W4MEA 30 Minimize Feedline Loss - UHF buffs, front end center! ...... W2STM 32 How About 6 FM? - it's easy with a modified HE-50 ...... W3KBM 34 W.A.S. -Easily! - catching the last few ...... W7FGD 38 Fool the Wire Wizard - a computer would have helped ........
Keywords: mhz; frequency; antenna; output; power; amateur; kit; meter; radio; circuit; amateur radio; tufts radio; power supply; mystic avenue; radio electronics; power output; barrel kit; circuit board; low power; master charge
Downloads: 3,089
[texts]73 Magazine (October 1986)
73 Magazine October 1986 (#313) Just the FAX, Ma'am - Check out NOAA's eyes in the sky with this one-chip weather FAX decoder for your C-64 ...... WB8TPD 24 Make the Switch to PIN Diodes - Unbelievably fast, PIN diodes can drag your tube-bound transceiver into the 80s with silent switching ...... OA4KO/YV5 28 Shoestring Shortwave - Remember when rigs were built on pine bases? Try KICLL's converter for old time's sake ........
Keywords: amateur; radio; antenna; mhz; repeater; frequency; receiver; ssb; power; amateur radio; power supply; feedback card; ham radio; weather satellite; pan adapter; pin diodes; pin diode; radio club
Downloads: 2,502
[texts]73 Magazine (February 1992)
73 Magazine February 1992 (#377) The Copper Cactus J-Pole - For 2m and 70cm ...... KE7AX 9 A Five-Component Wideband Amplifier for Your Receiver - Give your VHF receiver a boost! ...... K9EYY 12 An NE-602 RF Signal Generator - Useful test equipment from a versatile IC ...... Kerr 22 Colombian Expedition - Adventure in the Andes ...... KC4VLN 34 PVC Cubical Quad for 10 Meter -Build this $30 plumber's special! ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; mhz; antenna; frequency; repeater; ham; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; radio shack; feedback card; hardware store; power supply; card circle
Downloads: 2,319
[texts]PC Computing Magazine (October 1997)
PC Computing Magazine (October 1997)
Keywords: pentium; windows; mmx; internet; web; drive; microsoft; software; processor; hard drive; pentium mmx; active matrix; street price; stereo sound; pentium processor; mmx technology; limited warranty
Downloads: 710
[texts]73 Magazine (June 1979)
73 Magazine June 1979 (#225) Add Digital Display for $50 - 100-Hz accuracy ...... K4IQJ 28 High-Performance Receiver Add-Ons - aren't ICs wonderful? ...... W5DA 32 A Solution to the Home-Brew Housing Shortage - building a box for your next project ...... W0IHI 38 How Do You Use ICs? - part XI ...... WA2SUT/NNN0ZVB 42 Customize Your HT144B - some nifty mods ...... W2KGV 46 Ultra-Simple CMOS Logic Probe - a single IC does it all ........
Keywords: amateur; radio; mhz; power; frequency; antenna; circuit; electronics; kit; amateur radio; power supply; front panel; toll free; call toll; radio club; circuit board; printed circuit; ham radio
Downloads: 2,936
[texts]Gods och Gårdar Sydost - 24 Kalmar län Norra

Downloads: 1,998
[texts]73 Magazine (June 1981)
73 Magazine June 1981 (#249) Repeater at 102,000 Feet! - Canadian hams go up, up, and away ...... VE4FK 12 Digital Control for the Ham III Rotor - good-bye manual switching!...... WA0PBQ 18 Review: The Doppler Systems DDF-3003 - a review of the latest in direction-finding equipment from Doppler Systems ...... KA1LR 28 DF Breakthrough! - the "turkey" tracker we've all been waiting for ...... W7BEP 32 The History of Ham Radio - part XV ........
Keywords: amateur; radio; antenna; mhz; frequency; power; magazine; fcc; ham; amateur radio; power supply; type acceptance; toll free; front panel; radio club; teur radio; ham radio; radio service
Downloads: 1,809
[texts]Radio Electronics (January 1991)

Keywords: electronics; digital; free; power; cable; mac; electronic; frequency; power supply; free catalog; toll free; hard drive; hard disk; test equipment; sales tax; flyback transformer; negative ion; frequency counter
Downloads: 1,468
[texts]73 Magazine (January 1978)
73 Magazine January 1978 (#208) The Go-first-Class Digital Tester - build this outstanding in-circuit logic monitor ...... W7BBX/4 24 The Unbeatable Base-Loaded Three-Element Rotary Vertical ...... W3KBM 22 Negative Numbers On A $9 Calculator ...... WB6IXT/7 32 Sideband Exposed! -the mysteries of SSB unveiled -why not understand it once and for all? ...... W2FEZ 34 IC Timer Review ...... W3HB 40 Forget Ohm's Law ........
Keywords: output; frequency; mhz; power; kit; circuit; amateur; radio; receiver; input; power supply; amateur radio; radio electronics; tufts radio; mystic avenue; radio service; power output; master charge; low power; circuit board
Downloads: 2,484
[texts]Heresies Magazine Issue #6: On Women and Violence (Volume 2, Number 2)

Keywords: women; rape; feminist; violence; defense; male; sexual; art; social; supra note; impaired mental; voir dire; three weeks; birth control; population planning; deadly force; los angeles; inez garcia; population groups
Downloads: 1,874
[texts]73 Magazine (August 1982)
73 Magazine August 1982 (#263) Poor Man's Spectrum Analyzer - another 73 breakthrough ...... WB5IPM 10 The AC4YN Story - a Tibetan adventure, circa 1936-1937 ...... G5YN 32 "Smart" Squelch for SSB ...... W9MKV, W9YAN 44 The Ultimate Fuse - ac overload protection ...... W2OLU 52 Multi-Purpose Peak Adapter - don't settle for being average ...... K9EUI 54 The $100 TVRO Receiver - Satellite Central, part VIII ........
Keywords: mhz; frequency; amateur; antenna; output; power; radio; voltage; input; meter; amateur radio; power supply; toll free; circuit board; log amplifier; spectrum analyzer; radio club; dual trace; money order
Downloads: 3,753
[texts]73 Magazine (June 1978)
June 1978 (#213) Happiness Is Being A Ham Manufacturer - 73 visits Cushcraft ...... W2NSD/l 30 Extended Double Zepp - old-timer's delight still works ...... W6TYH 34 New Dipole Feeder - tuned feeders, yet! ...... AA6AX 38 The Cliff-Dweller's Delight - how to operate from an apartment ...... WA2UVC 40 Wait Till You Try 16 Elements! - 15dB gain on 2m is a real kick ...... WA8FCA 42 Working 15m With A 20m Beam - by adding three more elements ........
Keywords: antenna; mhz; meter; amateur; vertical; antennas; frequency; wire; radio; coax; amateur radio; power supply; swr meter; front panel; driven element; credit card; low power; ground system; coaxial cable; phasing harness
Downloads: 2,595
[texts]73 Magazine (April 1982)
73 Magazine April 1982 (#259) Watching the Weather - a cheap and easy conversion ...... KA9GDL 10 The Sinkhole That Ate Winter Park - hams vs. hole ...... KA4RUL 18 Operation Skywarn - tracking tornadoes with two meters ...... WB5ZAM 24 Measure Ohms with Your Calculator? - yes, and accurately, too! ...... Johnson 28 Scanning with the IC-280 ...... N7AAD 36 Detect Killer Tornadoes - use an ordinary TV set ........
Keywords: amateur; mhz; antenna; radio; power; kit; frequency; magazine; model; amateur radio; power supply; toll free; ham radio; dual trace; call toll; weather satellite; residents add; morse code; money order
Downloads: 4,404
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1981)
73 Magazine December 1981 (#255) Cold Comfort - an HT to the rescue at fifteen below ...... KA1D 12 Review: The Rex Bassett TLM-2 Mobile Mount - banish your fear of flying ...... KAlLR 18 Update Your CW Music Keyboard - play it again Sam ...... K5KL 20 Review: The Kenwood TR-7730 Transceiver - Let's get small ...... KA1LR 26 Joe Ham: The Consumer - do you fit the mold? ...... N6AVU 32 Bob Cooper: Profile of a Pioneer ........
Keywords: antenna; mhz; amateur; frequency; radio; power; magazine; signal; satellite; amateur radio; power supply; toll free; hewlett packard; packard packard; directional coupler; ham radio; front panel; packard hewlett; hewlett hewlett
Downloads: 3,140
[texts]Omni Magazine (June 1980)

Keywords: omni; telepresence; ihe; space; human; tion; nasa; thai; scientists; giant flying; flying vampire; cardiac recovery; years ago; bald eagle; transplantation antigens; three mile; ten years; space program; vampire toad
Downloads: 2,516
[texts]Radio Electronics (September 1986)

Keywords: circuit; mhz; electronics; output; free; frequency; digital; data; ibm; optical; power supply; stun gun; toll free; optical disk; optical disks; dual trace; disk drive; amateur radio; jdr microdevices; test equipment
Downloads: 1,421
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1987)
73 Magazine December 1987 (#327) Welcome, Newcomers! - A "read-this-first" for budding hams ...... KA1HY 5 History of the ICOM 2AT - The world 's most popular handheld ...... KT2B 18 ICOM BP-4 Charging Adapter - Our technical editor beats the system ...... WB9RRT 20 Yaesu FT-209 Modifications - Expanding your HT's horizon ...... KD2WA 26 Buyer's Guide to Handhelds - A little help from your friends at 73 ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; mhz; antenna; frequency; kenwood; icom; power; battery; amateur radio; power supply; feedback card; ham radio; battery pack; base station; packet radio; auto patch
Downloads: 2,460
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1991)
73 Magazine December 1991 (#375) The Simple TX TX - The perfect companion for the SupeRX receiver! ...... WA6IVC 10 Project INSPIRE: A Space Shuttle Experiment - Build a simple receiver to explore the wonders of the 60,000 meter band! ...... KG6EK 22 The QUAG-V - A high performance and wide bandwidth antenna for VHF and UHF ...... WB3AYW 36 Computerized Tuning for Ramsey Receiver Kits - It doesn't have to be expensive ........
Keywords: amateur; radio; mhz; antenna; frequency; ham; repeater; receiver; amateur radio; radio today; power supply; feedback card; ham radio; high speed; call call
Downloads: 3,009
[texts]73 Magazine (January 1982)
73 Magazine January 1982 (#256) Egad! A Nine-Tube Linear - results from the W7CSD test bed ...... W7CSD 12 Drama on Mt. McKinley - ice, snow, and amateur radio ...... W7KUF 18 The Simplex Autopatch - a telephone interface for everyone's two-meter rig! ...... WA7VZR 26 The Cheapskate - a checker for bargain diodes ...... K9QLL 30 Constant Current from a Voltage Regulator ...... WA4WDL 39 The Hesitator: A Windshield Wiper Control - a rainy day project ........
Keywords: amateur; mhz; antenna; frequency; radio; output; power; signal; satellite; amateur radio; power supply; hewlett packard; toll free; packard hewlett; signal generator; ham radio; front panel; call toll
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[texts]73 Magazine (December 1998)
73 Magazine December 1998 (#459) Probing Auto Electronics - Help your neighbor identify his car's problem and be an electronic's hero! ...... W6WTU 10 Announcing the QRPeanut - Here's a compact QRP transmatch you can build for next to nothing ...... N5GZH 14 Keys to Better Operating - Yes, much of it is common sense ...... W6BNB 17 Electronic Bug Emulator - Put some personality back into your CW ........
Keywords: radio; ihe; amateur; frequency; antenna; ham; power; thai; circuit; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; morse code; power supply; matching case; front panel; power meter
Downloads: 3,491
[texts]Radio Electronics (April 1983)

Keywords: computer; color; software; electronics; data; free; model; ram; disk; power supply; toll free; radio shack; color computer; disk drive; personal computer; call toll; money order; timex sinclair; residents add
Downloads: 992
[texts]73 Magazine (March 1994)
73 Magazine March 1994 (#402) Getting Started With Satellite Imagery - Enjoy a bird's-eye view using your PC and VHF rig ...... KO4BD 10 Using the World's Most Accurate Frequency Standard, Part 3 - Building a good secondary frequency standard ...... K9EUI 18 The TW-1 Cheap Dig ital Front Panel - Easy thumbwheel tuning for the Techno-Whizzy 1 ...... N9JZW 26 The FOXBOX - A voice ID T-hunt controller ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; mhz; antenna; repeater; ham; frequency; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; feedback card; log amp; power supply; matching case; flea market
Downloads: 1,965
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